Partial Substitute of Gum Rosin
Defoamer for Paper Machine
Felt washing agent free from caustic
To improve Gloss & Smoothness of paper & Paperboard
To improve Smoothness & Printing Properties
Floatation Ink removing agent
Washing Ink removing agent
Ink removing agent for floatation cell
Antifluff and antidust agent
Dye Fixing Agent
Defoamer for pulp mill
Defoamer for paper machine
VERCOAT-CS-235 (Calcium Stearate Dispersion) Lubricant for Paper & Paperboard Coating
VERBOND-DSR (Dry Strength Resin) To improve stiffness & BF of Paper & Paperboard
VERPAP-AZC (Cross Linking Agent) Cross Linking Agent for Paper & Paperboard Coating
VERSIZE-DRP(Neutral Sizing Agent)