VERCOAT-CS-235(Calcium stearate dispersion)

VERCOAT-CS-235 is a Calcium Stearate dispersion, which can be used in synthetic lattices, casein or starch coatings. It gives better finish to coated paper. It improves flow and leveling characteristics and making possible smooth, ever application.  It Improves printability and appearance of coated paper/board and reduce cracking problems. It gives better gloss and smoothness. It has negligible effect on the viscosity of coating solution. VERCOAT-CS-235 prevents dusting problems at the super calendars and also reduce fluff problems during printing and slitting operations. In various grade of paper (like Duplex Board) super calendaring can be omitted then it gives excellent finish with machine calendars.
SPECIFICATION Composition Calcium Stearate dispersion.
  Appearance White Liquid
  PH Value 9 + 1
  Shelf Life 120 Days.
VERCOAT-CS-235 can be mixed directly with the coating solution at any convenient point in the preparation of coating solution. VERCOAT-CS-235 must be added after cooking the starch if starch is adhesive. Dosage depends on quality of paper. Normally the consumption of VERCOAT-CS-235 is 2% to 5% on the weight of pigment.
PACKING 100kgs. HDPE Carboys
Storage must be in covered place and avoid direct sunlight. Protect against low temperature in storage. Carboys should be kept tightly closed when not in use to avoid evaporation losses, Non toxic