VERFIX-DFX (Dye fixing agent for paper)

VERFIX-DFX is a cationic Dye fixing agent which disperses the dyes and retained with good yield. Some pigments which are difficult to wet or disperse in water, can be easily dispersed in presence of VERFIX-DFX. It increases depth of shades so that the back water of acid dyeing will be almost clear. It can be used for fixation of direct and some other acid dyeing on paper

Clear Colourless liquid.
Ionic nature
PH Value
3 + .0.5
SP. Gravity at 30 C
1.18 + 0.01
Easily soluble in water

VERFIX-DFX can be improved poor dyeability of bleached pulp. And it does not affect the absorbency of paper so it is suitable for tissue paper and other unsized paper dyeing with acid dyestuff or pigments. For paper dyeing first we will add dyestuff then VERFIX-DFX and finally alum, and other sizing agent.

In dyeing with pigment dyes depth & light shade of the dyed paper depends on the pigment dispersion. Pigment dyes can be easily dispersed with VERFIX-DFX.  It can be fully retained the dyes on the fibers by addition of 5.0% to 10.0% on the weight of dyestuff.

PACKING 50 kgs HDPE carboys.
STORAGE & HANDLING Stable under normal conditions.