VERPAP-AZC (Cross Linking Agent)

VERPAP-AZC is an insolubilizer for coating and surface sizing formulation. It is an effective cross linking agent suitable for all types of paper and paperboard applications. VERPAP-AZC is completely formaldehyde free, fast curing and reacts with hydroxyl and carboxyl groups. The improved water resistance of the coating decreases the tendency of wet pick during printing.
SPECIFICATION Total Solids content 20 + 1
  Ionic nature Anionic
  PH Value 10 + 1
  Solubility Completely soluble in water
  Shelf Life 120 Days.

VERPAP-AZC recommended dosage is 2-7% on total dry binder content. VERPAP-AZC is based on carbonate so PH of coating solution before addition of VERPAP-AZC must be higher than 7. VERPAP-AZC should be always added as the last ingredient in the coating solution, after adjusting the PH of the coating solution to 8-9.

PACKING 100kgs.HDPE Carboys.
Storage must be in covered place and avoid direct sunlight. Protect against low temperature in storage. Carboys should be kept tightly closed when not in use.